Since 2015, Brands have trusted Midjobs to provide them with reliable consumer input. So, we recruit members like you to do activities at Midjobs ranging from paid videos, Paid surveys, Facebook page reviews, Mobile App reviews and many more.

For the last 5 years Midjobs.com has been predominantly focusing on Paid videos via our Midjobs TV channel hosted on our revolutionary platform. Midjobs TV allows you to earn cash for each video you watch. Our video inventory refreshes daily. This is why by using Midjobs.com, brands collect the required customer input while also helping thousands of people to feed themselves and their families since 2015.

An average worker at Midjobs spending at least 1 to 2 hours a day on the Midjobs.com portal makes about 100$ to 150$ weekly depending on the number of tasks he completes daily. This happens to be a reasonably good salary in countries with mid-size economies. Hence with Midjobs.com, brands can now enable our workers to have a choice between working in polluted industries or working infront of a computer at the comfort of their homes.


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